About us

Aamorise information technologies LTD

Is a dependable provider of computer forensics, digital surveilance and data recovery service Founded by Dr Aamo Iorliam.
We provide a wide variety of forensic services which include data recovery, advanced website collections, collections from e-mail archive systems, utilizing EnCase Forensic (Endpoint Investigations), and FTK to load and process evidence, complex network collections on Active Directory enterprise systems and troubleshooting user permissions, remediate files from computers, network shares, storage devices, and webmail etc.
We provide services for a wide range of clients, from insurance firms, security agencies, government agencies, law firms to acounting firms, small companies and individuals. Our office is situated in Makurdi, Benue State. We services the whole of Nigeria.
For more information on the founder, see his Curriculum Vitae 

Our Services

Our services range from providing digital surveilance to carrying out forensic research. You can trust us with everything forensic! Because at AITL, we do our best to give you the best.